Our Commitment To Climate Change

At Global Scientific Inc., we believe that knowledge and awareness are the only two tools with which we can unite the world to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Hence, we are running the following campaign.

We would be uploading the processed satellite images of different cities in India on our website everyday. The images would contain information about the spatio-temporal vegetation cover and climatic changes in the city over the last decade. Currently, this information could only be processed by a few who have a good understanding about remote sensing and geographic information systems.

Making such information available in the public domain, maintaining blog posts regarding the subject and promoting the information about the dynamic environment on which the people are dependent on will surely increase the awareness about making our environmental infrastructure better in order to sustain our development.

Our employees have several publications in the subject of climate change and ways of minimizing carbon emissions through innovative measures, in some of the best international journals.

The pace and platforms at which our chauvinistic efforts are spreading the knowledge about climate change clearly reflect our academic and professional expertise in environmental sciences and engineering.