Message from The Director

Over the past two decades, there has been a gradual and consistent change in the demand for environmental engineering and consultancy services. In the private sector, the cost factor associated to projects related to environmental compliance has shifted from 'additional CAPEX' to 'comprehensive CAPEX', which itself states the market demand for standardized and benchmarked services and solutions. At the same time, the public sector now considers to determine and document the 'state of environment', measure and analyse the opportunities to improve upon and then plans its execution. With the persistent rise in number of industries each year and the exponentially increasing residential establishments in the urban regions, the current sewage and effluent treatment facilities would soon lose their potential to cater to the treatment demands. Developing new treatment facilities (without efficienctly operating and maintaing the existing ones) would impact the public and private financial reserves which currently are not in the best of their health. Moreover, development of new treatment facilities while the existing facilities do not function to the best of their efficiencies would add to the ecological footprint of the area or city. Hence, it becomes essential for the decision makers of both, private and public sectors to ensure that instead of the capital and operational expenditure, they focus on the Cost Benefit Analysis while determining the technology for control and prevention of pollution and ensure that the technology that they choose is comparitvely easy to operate and maintain. This approach shall certainly yield them significant gains in the longer run.

Thus, at Global Scientific Inc., we invest time and efforts to customize solutions for our clients and help them plan their finances accordingly.