Operation and Maintenance

The most crucial aspect to the efficiency and utility of any water or wastewater treatment plant is the manner in which it is operated and maintained. Since the year 2000 we have operated and maintained several water and wastewater treatment plants PAN India and proudly state that irrespective of the state in which the plants were given to us for operation and maintenance, the plants functioned at the best of their efficiency under our moderation. This is clearly evident in the list of our regular clients.

We are one of the handful organizations in India, who on a daily basis

Define: Identify problems in a plant's operation and maintenance

Measure: Continuously measure and document the causes of the problems

Analyse: Simultaneously analyse the causes and effects through Fault Tree Analysis and Fish Bone Diagrams

Improve: Focus on continuously making the procedures efficient and lean


Control: Maintain and manage the improvements which have been sought, delineated and applied.

We also have a dedicated 24x7 support centre for all our clients whose plants we operate and maintain. As a direct result of our efforts, the planning of preventive and breakdown maintenance becomes very specific, easy and quick. The client knows exactly which sections of the plants would require how much finance for repairs and maintenance at what frequency and time.

Global Scientific Inc. is also set to expand its Operation and Maintenance services to the Middle East Asia and Africa shortly.