Municipal Solid Waste Management

Planning and Design

Planning and design of treatment and management cycles is the most important element in successfully managing municipal solid waste management. We have a team of experts which have designed several working models for effective municipal solid waste management and have been critically acclaimed even by several foreign governments.

Treatment Options

For fast and efficient 'waste to compost' treatment, we propose 'thermophiles decomposition' waste to compost units because they are compact, odorless and noiseless in operation and are comparatively very easy to operate and maintain. Our team members have also worked on related projects at the Prime Minister’s Residence, Race Coarse Road Complex, New Delhi.

Cost Benefit Analysis

If the MSW is improperly managed, then it has a direct impact on the health and economy of all the residents or stakeholders to the development of that area. Hence, for the municipal corporations and government bodies eyeing such projects, we craft Cost Benefit Analysis reports by quantifying and comprehending the tangible and intangible benefits of the proposed project for efficient municipal solid waste management.