Consent to Establish & Consent to Operate

In the current scenario, consent to establish and consent to operate have been mandatory for any industry, irrespective of the applicability of environmental clearance on the proposed project. Global Scientific Inc. has several academic and professional experts working on environmental consultancy projects PAN India and has been able to establish standard methods and quality criteria to furnish maximum information possible, refine it and include the same while drafting and submitting the application to the State and Central Pollution Control Boards.

The following are the services that we offer to our clients who look for obtaining Consent to Establish and Consent to Operate. These cover every objective of the scope of work required to satisfy the regulatory measures enforced by the state and pollution control boards on the industries which do not require an environmental clearance.

1) Detail Project Report (DPR)

Preparation of detailed process flow diagrams (section respective and also for the complete process), Company profile, Entire Documentation including animated and presentable powerpoint presentations.

2) Consent to Establish (CTE)

Detailed application, follow up, communications and discussions with the SPCB till the consent to establish is not obtained.

3) Communication of compliances during construction

Identification of infrastructure and exercises required to satisfy the compliance measures that have been suggested by the SPCB in the CTE Award Document. Implementation and monitoring of all the compliance measures stated in the CTE Award Document.

4) Consent to Operate (CTO) Application

Studying all the compliance conditions enforced by law and in communications by the SPCB, determining and measures to be taken in order to comply with all necessary regulatory measures and then applying for the consent to operate to the respective SPCB. /p>

5) Communication of compliances every 6 months of operation

In the CTO Award Document there would be some compliance conditions on whose implementation; your industry will have to send periodic reports to the SPCB. We draft standard guidelines and methods to be followed to comply with all these conditions, monitor the state of compliance, record, document and report them to the SPCB at specific periodic intervals.

6) Environmental Management Systems and Plan document (EMS & EMP)

Environmental management system (EMS) refers to the management of an organization's environmental programs in a comprehensive, systematic, planned and documented manner. It includes the organizational structure, planning and resources for developing, implementing and maintaining policy for environmental protection.

More formally, EMS is "a system and database which integrates procedures and processes for training of personnel, monitoring, summarizing, and reporting of specialized environmental performance information to internal and external stakeholders of a firm."

This booklet will be a guide for everyone related to this type of industry. It will be written in a manner in which any layman can understand and implement it.