Design Engineering

Design engineering is the most critical aspect of any water and wastewater treatment plant. The design consultant has to be thoroughly well versed with all the 7 subjects of the feasibility analysis in order to design a treatment plant.

Moreover, when we look at the present scenario, a majority of the environmental engineering and consultancy firms prefer designing and building treatment plants but refrains from operating and managing them. The operation and maintenance is the most crucial aspect of any plant's efficiency and hence that has to be considered at the top most priority while designing a treatment plant.

At Global Scientific Inc. we have the access to the best available technologies in the world. Our and our associates sole aim during design engineering is to keep it simple and durable. Our research teams have invested years of dedicated hard work to invent the designs which do not pose bottlenecks during operation and maintenance. So that when the treatment plant is subjected to the workers who have to operate and maintain the plant on ground, it becomes easy for them to analyse the working of the plant and maintain the plant's efficiency.

Engineering and Procurement

The clients who prefer executing the project by themselves or through one of their subsidiary companies, general prefer these services. Global Scientific Inc. has acted as a Project Management, Engineering and Procurement consultant with various public and private clients PAN India, where it was responsible for engineering, monitoring, moderation, procurement and management of the water or wastewater treatment plant project. Along with providing the clients with the most economical solutions, Global Scientific Inc. has ensured the best after sale services that the vendor offers are available to the client.