Our Commitment to Academics and Research

At Global Scientific Inc. we consider academics and research as an integral part of our professional environmental engineering and consultancy services. While working PAN India during the past 18 years, we have realized that the only way to keep our head high in the continuous competition is to keep innovating and upgrading the services and technological solutions that we provide.

Hence, the minimum criteria that we have set for reviewing the job applications is that the candidate must be a post graduate and should at least have 2 published research papers.

It is compulsory for our full time employees to spend at least one hour in the office researching about a new technological solution or ways and methods by which we can improve our consultancy services. It is also mandatory for them to submit us a monthly report on their report on the time and efforts they have invested in research. The benefits of these practices are directly yielded by our clients.

As majority of the time is spent in order to understand the nature of the problem, studying the permutations and combinations possible for proposing a solution and analysing all the needs/demands of all the stakeholders to the proposed project (including the pollution control boards, who are regulatory stakeholders to all the projects), the services and solutions that we propose are both efficient and cost effective.